Crafting at My Desk [#OneLittleThing Series]

Crafting at My Desk [#OneLittleThing Series]

My drop spindle and a book I'm using for my project.
My drop spindle and a (very good) book I’m using for my project.

Perhaps I am overly fascinated by productivity- and creativity-inducing tricks. I know I tend to post about such topics quite a bit. But I like experimenting on my own work habits to see what helps me enjoy my work more, or at least get it done more quickly. I am my own research subject.

One thing I tried today while writing a research paper was doing Pomodoros with a twist — literally. I stood up, grabbed my drop spindle, and spun yarn for five minutes during each break. (I also got a new, free Pomodoro app and used Anti-Social today. Sometimes I need a lot of help to get work done, it seems.)

I read yet another article on the risks of sedentary work (something I’ve been trying to combat already with my treadmill laptop attachment and my standing desk in the office). At home, though, I only have a regular desk…and I have a hard time doing in-depth writing and revision on the treadmill. It’s better for basic tasks, like email and web surfing, for me. (I think the reason may be related to the challenge of typing on the laptop in that configuration — considering Clive Thompson’s recent article on typing and writing…)

So: drop spindle spinning breaks! A new incentive to take breaks, stand up, and maybe enhance the energy I bring to the work when it’s time to get back to it.

Have you ever kept a craft at your desk for a quick creativity break?

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  1. Yes! I make jewelry…keep some beads and basic tools in desk drawer. The break is gratifying in that I can produce a tangible (and sometimes lovely) piece and briefly clear my head.

    1. Cool! Yes, doing something with a tangible result is really refreshing when one is mostly pushing pixels around.

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